House Seasoning

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FFC House Seasoning Labels

"Enhances The Flavor Of Almost Anything."

This one has been a customer favorite, originally known as Harold's seasoning. This southern favorite has been around since the 1950's. It's perfect for all cuts of steak and seafood. Our customers use it on everything except ice cream. The go to all in one seasoning. Our son Cole will not eat his eggs without it. Pepper, salt, garlic, onion and secret spices.



Sea-soningFFC Seafood Seasoning Labels

"Don't be a Squid give it a try."

A rustic mix of spices and flavors that accentuates the best that nature has to offer. Our world famous knock your flops off Seafood seasoning mix. This has been our signature spice mix for 9 years. Garlic, Salt, secret spices, lemon peel, onion, natural lemon juice powder, soybean oil, and citric acid, contains soybean.


Blackening Seasoning

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FFC Red Hot Blackening Labels

"The Right Heat For Your Meat."

Great on poultry, beef, seafood, veggies, or anything you would like to spice up. On Blackened Mahi Mahi and Cheese Grits with sauteéd green beans you can't go wrong. Paprika, spices, garlic, onion, salt, Calcium Silicate NO MSG.



Cuban Seasoning

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FFC Cuban Seasoning Labels

"And We're Not Talking About Cigars."

Great for grilling, a little sweet and a little spicy enhance the flavor of just about anything. Try with fresh garlic, worcestershire and olive oil as the perfect marinade for grilled shrimp. Carolyn and the kids love it seared on a fresh piece of fish. Sugar, spices, salt and dextrose.