Employee Spotlight

I wish to take this opportunity to honor and celebrate one of your employees!

This past Monday (3/3/2014) my wife and I had the pleasure of a dinner at the Flagler Fish Company (After visiting the restaurant the previous Friday, we knew we wanted to come back one more time before departing Flagler Beach). It was a busy night and we had to wait about 30 minutes for a table (always a good sign). We were eventually seated at table #9 and were pleasantly greeted by our server – Brandon. What a joy!

Throughout the evening Brandon was gracious, sincere, and constantly smiling. He helped turn a most spectacular meal into a most memorable. His pleasant attitude, helpful comments, and enjoyable repartee were always welcome and always appreciated. He was, in so many ways, what a great server is all about – engaged with the customer, sincerely interested in making the experience memorable, and always at the ready.

It was a most hectic evening (I believe there were only two cooks on duty in the kitchen), but Brandon handled it with the skill and grace of a seasoned veteran. His every arrival at our table was both welcomed and relished. A great meal complimented by a great server made the evening a perfect ending to our Florida trip [To that end I would like to celebrate Flagler Fish Company in my forthcoming new book: The Secret Life of Clams (by the way, the fried belly clams were simply outstanding!)].

I sincerely hope Brandon will be rewarded in some appropriate manner. I am certain we are not the only customers to appreciate his magnificent professionalism and sincere dedication to true customer service. He is an absolute asset to the restaurant! I celebrate him without reservation.


Anthony D. Fredericks

Dover, Pennsylvania